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A brief guide to the global fashion weeks | What to expect in 2018?

Fashion lovers or not, we all have heard of the infamous fashion weeks that take place in the fashion capitals of the world. Although you might not know much about it, the term fashion week is enough to give away the fact that it is an event comprising of a weeklong of fashion activities. But believe it or not, there is much more to it than that.

The fashion week as an event started back in 1943 in New York so it has a long history. Previously known as the Press Week, the event began in the wake of World War II when the war made it impossible for Paris to host fashion shows. Since Paris was known to be the ultimate hub of fashion, for American Designers, there was nowhere to turn to showcase their innovative work. In the times of distress, a fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert had the ingenious idea to host a Press Week for fashion in New York. The idea was to bring all the American designers at a single platform so that the media could cover them all. It was a successful attempt to gain international attention and to divert the attention of fashion enthusiasts from Paris.

Since then, New York fashion week has been the leader to open the gateways of fashion every season twice every year. The fashion weeks take place in quick succession one after the other. The two fashion seasons i.e. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter see four fashion shows each. New York Fashion Week is followed closely by London Fashion Week which is succeeded by Milan Fashion Week followed by the final Paris Fashion Week that brings the fashion season to a close. The Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks take place in September of every year while the Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks take place in February. Designers all over the world present their innovative and refreshing work for the next season in these events. It is no brainer that the main focus of each individual fashion week is on the local designers. However, since fashion weeks have become global events over time, there is special emphasis on work of designers from other regions as well.

As we are drawing towards the end of 2017, all the designers out there are busy finalizing their Fall/Winter Collections for 2018 that are going to be presented at the fashion weeks in February of 2018. The Spring/Summer Collection runways were pretty successful this September where we witnessed a lot of fresh ideas translated into designs and costumes. The fashion weeks will kick off in February 2018 by the leader New York Fashion Week. It is expected to take place from February 8th to 16th, 2018 followed by others in their respective order. If you are a fashion lover, keep your fingers crossed for a month long of global fashion events that will bring out some of the best fashion trends for 2018. These trends and styles are going to be signature of fashionistas in 2018’s Fall/Winter season.

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